Saturday, June 15, 2013

What Every Networker Needs...Leads & Cash - Join Our Team Build!

 Hello Fellow Networkers,

I don't want you to switch programs...

With Ultimate Cycler, you would have a way to bring in 3 to 5 or more members to your main business each week, utilizing the F.R.E.E. Lead Scraper (valued at $199) with unlimited leads to build your Contact List and Recruit new members.

Add to that, we get the Phone Broadcast System ($100-$500 Value), FREE Load your Leads from the Scraper to get pre-qualified leads calling YOU!

We also receive  a duplicatable Marketing System, that could
also be used as a Feeder program, with 9 Video Lead Capture
Pages with Autoresponder follow-up messages,your own program
banners that will be seen by thousands,  and much more,for just $25 one-time with  NO monthly fees!

You could  earn $3200+ Residual Income over and over again,
100% Commission paid instantly, member-to-member.!  You
only need 2 people ever.  When your first person refers their
first person you get PAID!

4 Members on Your Payline for Each Business Center:
Optional to upgrade  to each level from PROFITS! Leverage your earnings and upgrade to the next level and re-enter the previous level and receive RESIDUAL Income!

$25 x 4 = $100
$50 x 4 = $200
$100 x 4 = $400
$200 x 4 = $800
$400 x 4 = $1600
$800 x 4 = $3200

You can go to each level whenever you want or upgrade through
profits.  When you are fully vested in all Business Centers that work independently of each other, you will be getting paid on several Business Centers simultaneouslypaid DAILY & Instantly!

Do you see how these exceptional Products & Marketing System
(valued over $1500) will explode your Primary Business?  This is an awesome package for just $25 one-time!

Ultimate Cycler hits 2 million paid & 24,000 members!

Ultimate Cycler Has a Better Business Bureau Rating of A+

Lead Scraper Software for Unlimited Leads!

Phone Broadcast System for Pre-Qualified Leads!

$25 One-time Payment!

NO Monthly Payment!

Member-to-Member Instant Residual Income Payments!

Duplicatable Business by your Team!

Easiest & Fastest Payouts with Just 2!

International Opportunity!

Join our Team Build and we will help you get
2 paid members.

As a member our "Our Wealth Team", you will
be given an Invitation to join our Business & Social
Community where you will be able to post Ads and
Blogs for your primary business.  There will also be
Marketing Tools and Resources, Tips and Business Articles.

We look forward to being your Partners in Success!

David & Claire Lockett
Skype:  ourwealthteam