Sunday, March 12, 2017

Platinum World Teambuild - We Give You 2 Personally Sponsored!


Pre-Launch has begun, Saturday,
March 11, 2017.

I have a Top Leader Position in this new opportunity
created by the owners of 25 Dollar Legacy. This will
be a big program launch that will last for decades. You
can leverage a one time payment of $100 into $166,800.
Many people will be earning a 5 digit income within their
first week. 5000 to 10,000 people are expected to join
during the prelaunch. We are positioned at the top!

You total cost is a one time $100 payment. This is
all that you ever pay.

Multiple accounts are allowed. Each account needs
a different email address.


Platinum World Team Build has a different design
than you have ever seen before. There will be a
30-day pre-launch period. You do not pay until the
end of the
pre-launch. This will allow you to see
your downline and potential earnings during the
pre-launch. We are building the team first and
paying later. You will see exactly what you will
be earning before you pay the $100.


The cost is a one time payment of $100. The
site is fully automated and will automatically
upgrade you through the levels. There is
nothing that you need to do. You earn in
2 stages. Your $100 purchase places you
in Stage 1 at the Bronze Level.

This will be a fast earning program as each
matrix is small.

The Stage 1 Matrix is a 2x4 Team Forced Matrix.
A complete matrix only has 30 positions to fill.

The Stage 2 Matrix is a 2x3 Team Forced Matrix.
A complete matrix only has 14 positions to fill.

Stage 1 (2x4)
Bronze Level - There are no earnings in this level.
Silver Level - You get paid $300.
Gold Level - You get paid $2000.
Platinum Level - You get paid $27,000

Total earnings in Stage 1 is $29,300.

Once you compete Stage 1 you are entered into
Stage 2 at the Silver Level.

Stage 2 (2x3)
Silver Level - You get paid $2500.
Gold Level - You get paid $15,000.
Platinum Level - You get paid $120,000

Total earnings in Stage 2 is $137,500

Earnings in both stages is $166,800


Debit/Credit Cards, Payza, and Bitcoin will be accepted.


I have created a Team Build to get members
in our team to earn quickly. Each member that
requests to join the Team Build will receive 2
referrals in time stamp order. These 2 members
will be sent your referral link when joining. They
will be assigned 2 referrals just like you. This allows
you to have a big downline created for you during
the pre-launch.


It is now REQUIRED, by the Owner of the program,
that EVERY member personally sponsor 2 people
in order to receive any commissions earned
(from Spillover). This is NOT a "do nothing" business.
Our Team is fortunate that everyone will receive their
2 personally sponsored members; therefore, promote
our Teambuild to let others know that they will get their
2 if they join us. In this way, our Team will grow very
quickly and everyone will get their 2 members faster.


Every member that is enrolled in the Team Build
will be required to follow these rules. There will
be no exceptions.

When you complete the Silver Level in Stage 1
you earn $300. You will be required to take $100
from these earnings and request (1) new account
in the Team Build.

When you complete the Gold Level in Stage 1
you earn $2000. You will be required take $300
from these earnings and request (3) new accounts
in the Team Build.

You need to follow these rules for all of your accounts.

For each account you will need to rejoin the Team Build


If you join our Teambuild, the Teambuld
Administrator l will send you regular Team

Please let me know if you are joining
our Teambuild by sending us an email.

You can contact Claire & I if you have
any questions.

We Help You Succeed!

Claire & David Pegram, Our Wealth Team

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